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The World Orphanage Foundation

When fashion designer Sara Kazimi founded the World Orphanage Foundation in 2011, millions of children worldwide were living without a mother or father, at risk for child-abuse, homelessness, abduction, sex-trafficking, and a host of other ills.

So she combined her two great passions: fashion and global peace. And she began to change the world.

As a designer, she knew how to create beauty.

As a woman, she could feel in her heart how children were suffering for lack of adequate food, shelter, and safety. For lack of love.

The World Orphanage Foundation supports the world’s orphanages through fund-raising, media services, web presence, and more. Today, with projects in Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, and Zambia, and dozens of others on the drawing boards, it is well on its way to making the difference Sara Kazimi imagined.

Please join her. Make a difference.

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